The term entremet  literally meaning “between servings”  is in modern French cuisine a small dish served between courses or simply a dessert. Originally it was an elaborate form of entertainment dish common among the nobility and upper middle class in Western Europe

An entremet marked the end of a serving of courses and could be anything from a simple frumenty that was brightly colored and flavored with exotic and expensive spices to elaborate models of castles complete with wine fountains, musicians, and food modeled into allegorical scenes.

The beauty of entremets comes from the myriad of shapes it can take on (round, pyramid, rectangular, hexagonal, teardrop, dome shapes) and the abundance of colors within the multi-layer attributes of miniature cakes that include multi layers that are sometimes also mousse based cakes. The taste receptor should be challenged, as well, with different combinations of taste sensations like salty, sour, sweet . ..