Healthy senior nutrition does not have to be bland, when you can bump up the flavor. We’ve put together the best tips on how to make nutritious and great tasting meals for the elderly.

Great-Tasting Food for Senior of the ongoing challenges for caregivers is contending with the changing reality of seniors’ nutritional needs. Older adults need a different balance of nutrients to ensure physical and mental health, and there are also medications to consider that can interfere or interact with the drugs seniors take. On top of all that, the elderly may have trouble processing some foods, as senses of smell and taste get weaker with age. All of this can add up to major frustration for caregivers and family members trying to provide older loved ones with enough nourishment. Fortunately, healthy senior meals don’t have to be devoid of flavor or excitement.

Check out our tips for some nutritious alternatives that will kick the flavor up a notch and have your whole family cleaning their plates.

  • Amp up the flavor without adding salt
  • Incorporate soft, moist foods like soups, stews and braises
  • Take a cooking class
  • Substitute potato for cream in creamy dishes
  • Have your loved one choose the recipes
  • Include comfort foods in the meal rotation
  • Replace unhealthy fats with good fats
  • Supplement meals with healthy snacks and smoothies
  • Add naturally sweet foods instead of sugar