Program of Formation in Pastry

From 8am to 12 am and from 1pm to 5pm ( During three days )


Class of dessert

In this class you will make a series of 10 different desserts, and cookies with different textures highlighted by sober finishes.


Class of small cakes

Throughout the three-day class you will put up a production of a dozen different small cakes and verrine.


Pie and Tart Class

During this formation, you are going to make an assortment of modern and rustic pies where you will work with some poached, roasted and steamed fruits.


Class of ” Petits fours ” and macaroon

During this three days of classe you are going to learn some macaroon’s recipes and you will play with the textures and flavors of them.


Pulled and blown sugar class

Throughout your first contact with the work of sugar you will discover the different cooking of sugar and isomalt work.You are going to learn how to make flowers in sugar and finally you will end three days by assembling a small artistic piece.


Masterpiece class

Each student will have to make his own masterpiece in sugar art and will dispose it after class.


Pastries class

In contrary to the other classes this class will be only 2 days. You are going to learn how to

Make some ” Brioches ” , ” croissants ” and many other pastries.


Class of small cakes « traditionnal »

In this class you will learn all the traditionnnal cakes like the éclair , mille feuille , Paris

Brest and many others .



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