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At Culinary Institute of Los Angeles, we believe cooking is about having Fun and eating Healty;

It’s about the techniques and the choosing the correct and best ingredients. Come experience our French cooking style.

For any questions call at (323) 939-6213

What to expect:

  • Our Cooking class will be a hands-on experience with a trained Chef Instructor. Therefore we recommend to dress comfortable.

Wear pants and T shirt, tennis Shoes

Class prices vary based on technique and the menu.

Classes will depend on the food item made that day and how many recipes will work on that day .

  • We have Classes open to different skill level

Kids Class

  1. a) Beginning 10 Year Old (8 to 11) 15 years (14 – and up)

Adult Class


  • Classes are held in “Culinary Institute of Los Angeles “’ The art of

Pastry Class

  • Customers will receive a special discount of 10% off small wares and 5% off food purchases.
  • Recipes will be provided and a generous tasting of each dish will be enjoyed.

Return Policy and Cancelation Policy…

  • Culinary Institute of Los Angeles will offer a full refund to original tender a week prior to event.
  • Less than 48 hours will be refunded as store credit minus a 20% cancelation fee. Store credits may be used a future cooking class.